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Driven by travels

Kambio Eyewear is born from the personal route and values of its founder, Marco.

Important adventure lived across several countries like Italy, India, Switzerland, Mid-East and Spain always living the changes as a source of inspiration and learning.

Kambio Eyewear helps you to change, to live new experiences and to be different, so you can best express your nature.

is a part of you

Allowing to reveal your image according to the look, the circumstance and the emotional state.

We have a full knowledge in the eyewear industry, we get latest trends and stylist ideas to offer the most complete range of original and fashion sunglasses.

We love Spanish independent brands because based on a unique and visionary design with high quality materials and original style.

We promote
experiences and trips

As the best way to know yourself and be authentic with your original sunglasses and t-shirts.