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How to choose sunglasses based on your hair color

Hair color is an important element to consider when choosing the right sunglasses color.

Here’s some tips in order for you to make a better decision when selecting your sunglasses, choosing the right ones according to your hair color, that will make you stand out.

Once again, these are just suggestions, because you are the ultimate judge!

Best color sunglasses for blonde hair:

In order to be more accurate, we can divide blonde hair in 2 categories:

  • Honey/bronze blondes: if your blonde has a warm tone you can use warm colors like coral, green and red. If you like metallic shades, go for gold.
  • Platinum/cool blondes: if your blonde is cool and light it goes perfectly along with black sunglasses, which create an amazing contrast. Pink and blue are also an option. Avoid yellow and gold.       

Best color sunglasses for dark hair:

  • Light Brown: try to avoid dark colors and choose red, emerald green or white instead. Havana and bronce can also compliment you well.
  • Dark Brown: it is probable you have warm tones running through your hair. Black and Pink shades do match very well your hair color. Even blue and burgundy can work. For metal, much better silver or gun metal.
  • Black: if your hair are black and you like metal frames you are lucky, because any metal color will look nice on you. Try to avoid washed out colors. Bright colors like green or yellow are risky too, unless you want a big impact. Browns or havanas and black will fit perfectly.
  • Red: there are many colors and metals that can match redheads. Browns and havanas on top of all. Greens or reddish browns are nice too. For metals, gold and copper.
  • Grey: for grey hair all variations of grey are an excellent choice. Black, navy blue, cherry red and light browns can do the work too.

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FAST TIP: How to recognize the color of sunglasses

Sometimes is hard to recognize which is the exact color of our sunglasses, simply because lenses play an important part 😊.

  • If the frame is tiny and metal you can focus on the lens color, otherwise focus on the frame color, checking that it goes along with a neutral lens color.
  • If the frame is a very bright color (shiny green) you can even ignore the lens color, because the frame will stand alone.

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