The sunglasses lenses aren’t all the same!!! .. There are different categories required by law and having some more information before you buy will allow you to choose your fashion sunglasses not only according to the style or model you like best, but also according to your specific needs of use, visual performance and your safety.

Why choosing the best sunglasses lenses is so important?

When buy sunglasses the lenses you choose are crucial and influence 4 factors: style, comfort, vision and safety. Choosing the most suitable lenses will allow you to avoid or limit fatigue and tiredness due to excessive exposure to the sun and to enjoy 100% of your original sunglasses! Most people do not invest enough time to understand the characteristics of different lenses.

This article gives you the basics to make the right choice before you buy new sunglasses!!

Let’s make an important recurring myth!

When we talk about lens categories we are not referring to their ability to protect us from UVA or UVB rays, harmful radiation, dangerous and not visible. Most people believe that darker lenses offer better UV protection but this is a mistake indeed there is no relationship between the colour of the lenses and the amount of protection you are getting!! The coating which blocks UV rays is transparent!! Anyway the colour tone of lenses plays an important role regarding visual comfort and its performance. The ability to absorb the sunlight that we perceive gives us a comfort in seeing well even in the sunniest days.

All fashion sunglasses available on guarantee 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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How to choose the right lens for your sunglasses?

There are 5 lenses categories (from type “0” to type “4”) based on their ability to absorb the sunlight we perceive and each is suitable for a specific use!! Below the complete classification for all categories:

Category 0

Sunglasses with this sunscreen absorb up to 20% of the sunlight and are therefore suitable for a light and dim light condition. They are perfect for cloudy, shady days, early in the morning or at sunset when the light is weaker. We can wear them for all those activities, including indoor sports and are great if we want to drive. If you are interested in this type of lenses, you should ask your optician for an A-tone lenses.

Category 1

This type has a capacity of absorbing up to 58% of sunlight. They are recommended in case of partially cloudy days and if there is not a very long exposure to sunlight, we can drive, but not at night. If you are interested in this type of lenses, you should ask your optician for a B-tone lenses.

Category 2

Sunglasses with this sunscreen have a sunlight absorption capacity of up to 80%. They are suitable for sunny days and with this type of sunglasses we can drive during the day. If you are interested in this type of lenses you should contact your optician asking for a C-tone lenses.

Category 3

This is the best known and most widely recommended category by opticians, because it absorbs up to 91% of sunlight, ensuring an excellent solution to most of the needs of use and it is safe too. In fact, it is perfect during sunny days, suitable for even prolonged exposure and for all outdoor activities (sports, beach days, walks in parks). It is a category suitable for driving during the day. If you are interested in this type of lenses you should contact your optician asking for a D-tone lenses.

All fashion sunglasses available on have category 3 lenses to offer high visual comfort, original style and to meet the greatest number of usage needs.


Category 4

These are more niche sunglasses that meet particular needs of use related to a strong exposure to sunlight. This category guarantees an almost total absorption, up to 98% of sunlight and is particularly suitable for extreme sports activities to be carried out in high mountains with the presence of snow or in the open sea. In this case, the natural elements of the sea or snow amplify the reflective capacity of the sun’s rays and extra protection is a must!!  This type of lenses is not good for driving. If you are interested, you should contact your optician asking for a E-tone lenses.