Types of sunglasses for face shape

When we choose a new pair of sunglasses, we often ask ourself which one is best for our face type: should I stick to the shape I already have and I know it fits me well or shall I take the risk and buy a different shape?

The answer is: dare and buy a new shape!! Why? Because there are several shapes that can fit all kind of face types, even if we think the opposite. We read a lot of articles saying that sunglasses are related to face shapes, but this is parcially true. In this sunglasses face shape guide we want to give you an additional insight. It’s actually much simple than that, it’s more about sizes and proportions.

It is true that there are some basic face types:


And it is true that, overall speaking, some shapes normally fit better some kind of face shapes:

Oval face

Perfect fitting for most of the existing shapes as square\rectangular, geometrical frame, cat eye and aviator too.

Square | Rectangular face

In this case you should soften up a bit the angles of your jaw and chickbones. Round, aviator and geometrical shapes would be nice.

Round face

You should avoid roundish shapes, unless you want to over accentuate the round shape of your face. We recommend you squared angles and geometrical shapes or cat eye frames.

Heart face

In this case square frames or wayfarer nicely complement your narrower chin.

Diamond face

Most shapes will fit you. Try to avoid wide shapes and big calibers, which would make your chin and forehead even smaller.

Triangle face

In this case square, round shapes and cat-eye frames will fit you perfectly.

But it’s not only about face shapes. Below we explain our theory regarding how to choose sunglasses based on your face proportions and lines.

How to pick sunglasses for your face features

We believe that choosing the best sunglasses for your face is more a matter of sizes and proportions of your face and taste, of course.

Our faces are not shaped like perfect triangles, circles or rectangules. That’s why lots of people cannot even identify themselves with any of the categories (round shaped face, diamond shaped face, etc). Is my face round or oval? Is my face square, rectangular or triangular? What does heart shape mean?

Let’s forget about shapes for a moment and focus on some other factors:

  1. Sunglasses calibres | sequence of numbers on the internal part of the temples
  2. Face length | long or short
  3. Face width | narrow, medium or wide
  4. Facial features | soft or hard lines
  5. Taste | you wear what you like

Sunglasses calibres

When you look at the internal part of your sunglasses’ temples, you’ll find a sequence of numbers which looks like this: 51-19-145. Did you find it?

Well, this is what we call the calibre or size. The first number (51) tells us the lens size (or eye size), it’s the diameter of the lens. The second number (19) is the size of the sunglasses bridge, it’s measured by taking the distance in between the 2 lenses on the narrowest point. The third number (145) is the temples’ length in mm.

Let’s remember this point.


Face length

Your face can be longer or shorter. Take the length and width of your face (measure from the bottom of your chin up to the top of your fronthead for the length and in between the 2 temples for the width). If length > width * 1.5 your face is long, otherwise is short.


Face width

We can classify 3 types of face width:

So, if you have a narrow face try to select frames that are not too wide. If you face is wider than normal, instead, look for bigger calibers. You will not find the overall width in the caliber anyway, so you just have to try some more shapes on.


Facial features

We have to consider our face lines and contours. Normally we can define 2 types of features:

People with soft and curvy lines normally look great with round and geometrical angles like cat-eye. People with angular lines usually prefer to soften up a little bit their lines, wearing roundish frames.



Last but not least in this sunglasses face shape guide, your taste! We believe taste is the main factor that you need to consider when buying sunglasses. Do you like a cat-eye shape even if you have angular features? Do it! You like a round small shape and your face is round and narrow? Why not!. Chill and choose what you really like, whatever makes you feel confortable and yourself.

We hope this sunglasses face shape guide was helpful for you!! Enjoy your sunglasses 🙂

How to choose your sunglasses based on your face features?

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