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Wooden sunglasses are the perfect combination of technology, research of sustainable materials with low environmental impact and independent style.  Studied for both, women and men in different fashion shapes.

Different types of wood

Kambio Eyewear selects high quality wood that gives the sunglasses strength, flexibility and comfort when worn. The frame is very light, comfortable in contact with the skin and especially on the nose and ears. The most widely used types of wood in the production of quality sunglasses are bamboo, walnut, ebony and zebrawood. The product has a high degree of manual work that give value and quality to each model with very careful details. The environmental impact is absolutely a “must” and producers always planting 2 trees every time they used 1 during the production process.

Designer sunglasses brands with fashion and alternative style

Brands with sunglasses in wooden frame are Kambio Eyewear and Wooda sunglasses.

Why buy wooden sunglasses in Kambio Eyewear?