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The main information you need to choose the right wooden sunglasses in terms of materials, style and sustainability.

Established trend, alternative style and sustainable material!!!!

Wooden sunglasses have been a consolidated trend for years. Speaking of design, it’s an alternative product vs the classic metal or acetate sunglasses, has a minimal style, original and refined, certainly appreciated by those who want to enrich their outfit with something different and out of standard.

The offer is really wide and the models differ especially for the raw material used. The great added value of a wooden product is its uniqueness. You will never find two identical sunglasses and this thanks to the shades of color and the different streaks given by the wood. The wearability is certainly an absolute strength. Have you ever worn a wooden sunglass? The frame is very light, comfortable in contact with the skin and especially on the nose and ears.


Not only design but also environment and sustainability

The material used for the production of this type of fashion sunglasses is 100% organic and natural. The product has a high degree of manual work that give value and quality to each model with very careful details. For the production are used different types of wood such as Bamboo, Zebra, Walnut and many others. Here below you can find out more about the main characteristics of the most used woods.

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Take a look at the characteristics of each individual wood type to make the right choice for you!!






You can find high quality 100% organic wood sunglasses on




You can find high quality 100% organic wood sunglasses on

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